We Came Together, But You Left Alone

August 24, 2011
By xkristinx GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
xkristinx GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Read me sad stories
Lessons untold
Wind under my wings
Push me off
I’ve seemed to have forgotten the words to this song
I’ve seemed to have forgotten the drugs to cure the pains
Call me out
Sell me out
Take off
Get your shot gun
Take it all you want
Don’t come to work
We don’t want you here
It seems to be contagious
There’s a fire
Go perspire
See if we can find you
Under the lies and confusion
Find a tie
Find a song
Don’t pick this one
Because every word i sing is like a knife pointing right at you
I could be wrong
I could have hurt you
Tell me the truth then
Which base are you on
I don’t know what you’re feeling
Why don’t you say?
Do you believe me or not

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