A deep sigh for the last goodbye

August 29, 2011

“i just cant wait till i leave this place,
and get out of the track of this senseless maze.
same s*** playing in an infinite repeat,
so sick of everything, i just want to retreat”
this was perhaps what i have said the most
when all things was just unproportioned and lost
funny how i kept on wishing for time to double its pace
when i can finally have a hand-to-hand with the ending of this race
so desperate for all the things to end, i can recall
but now thinking that we’re almost there makes me wanna roll
i never thought that the burning off of the days
would be something i’d be terrified to face
yes, i may have been waiting for this to come all along
but now, why i just cant make myself to sing a goodbye song?

memories start to flash before me as tears started to form
i once again got myself to the day when our friendship was born
when these guys painted my life with meaning
and together, we had all the learning and growing

it is just too painful to bear the fact that
we’ll be soon divided and have someone else as we solve math
as days draw nearer to its end
and as we start to receive back those thing we lend,
things suddenly had this drastic upturn
a tearful heart, begging for a return.

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