Chapter1: Dad

August 28, 2011
By LostRebel BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
LostRebel BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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I can take you back in time, and show u photos of how it used to be, back when i could actually say that i had a family, but man what happened, why u had to go and ignore what we were sayin, we was watchin out for you when we said daddy stop the drinking, you knew what it was doin but u constantly kept going, remember when we used to play that game? where u would chase me and pretend to be a monster, you would catch me, we would laugh and say its mommies turn come'on after her, well hell i do except this time its different you kept going with shyt mom didnt say nothin for you to hit her in the mouth nd split her lip, you kept going phsycotic, i had to stop it, now you know why i walk around with a knife in my poket, you were a crazy a** alcoholic who could never control himself and went balistic, anytime we did something wrong, always yelling we need to respect you, but respect is a oneway road, we can only give what we resieve, and what we resieve, hell we dont resieve, but not all was bad i remember one or two good memories, like that one time at my party when i was 8, i dont know why but u came up to me and said from now on ill be great, and follow threw on what u said is what u did for two years you did what u could to fill me with bliss, but then i went inside ur room and saw u on the floor knocked out with a bottle of wisk, you couldnt get up cuz u were to messed up, so in disapointment i had walked cuz u picked up right where u left off, to leavin bruises on mom and me, DAD WHY CANT YOU SEE!! with your eyes that ur hurting urself and ur hurting us, you say you dont need help but we all know that its a must, but its to late nopw cuz u got "mad" at mom again and went driving drunk, ran a red light and went off the road into a big a** lake and sunk, but to let you kno even tho you mistreated us u know i loved you to death cuz i know u tried but now u died gone vanished left, man why u had to go? i was only 10 turning 11 and i didnt expect you! to get into heaven so quickly, you left me alone to take on so much responsiblity, and if i had one wish i would ask father time to hit rewind to see him again and begg'em please to stop the drinkin remind him of what hes doin, but i gotta face the fact that that'll never happen that'll never be, and now i took my self to sleep, cuz i dont got a dad to tuck me in at night and say goodnight dont let the bed buggs bight, but i aiunt worried i know u lookin down on me watchin and protecing me as i sleep, knowin one day ill see you again, and its not the end for you and I

The author's comments:
I wrote this for all those who have had abandonment issues there pops is a(n) alcoholic druggie or or just plain out abuses yall. I do still have my dad and ya im greatful but sometimes its like all i need is one punch but i do love'em and as for you all with out a father figure keep ur head high he if loved you show him love back if he didnt the show ur punk father you are still somebody with out him.

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