You and Me

August 25, 2011
By JessicaaaIsHere BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
JessicaaaIsHere BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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Awake alone.
Late at night.
My time to think,
my time to rhyme.
Wishing of days to be free
and just be me.
I have trouble.
I'm sure you know.
I want to grow
but I just don't know.
To grow and move
would be troubles I detest.
I think I will lay here
and just rest.
Dreaming of things
I wish I could redo.
Thoughts of once again
being with you.
When we reunite it will be grand.
I honestly can't wait
to hold your hand.
Life has been good,
not always fine.
Somehow I will get through
and see you in time.
I dream of you.
You're in my head.
You left me young and I understand. You felt sick
and couldn't fight any more.
So as I write this I miss you so.
I always will and I hope you know. I love you more than life itself
I remember your hands.
Long and pale.
Soft and warm and full of thrill. Your smell is still here,
in this house
along with the butterflies
that fly about.
I remember you, not so clear,
but soon we will be together
and I will love you so dear.
I love you a great deal.

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