The Truth Behind The Nature's Smile

August 16, 2011
What would you do,
if you discovered that the tooth fairy isn't true?
What would you do,
if you knew the truth of the rainbow;
that the sky frowns when the clouds weep and form that sad bow?
Santa clause is the guy next door,
The shining moons is dead hiding behind the burning sun,
the sea's delicate waves slap the shore when the sun is gone,
What would you do if happiness is happy-less?

I was smiling when the truth came
A knot in my gut
The world that I thought was happy
is very not

What are you going to do?
the tooth fairy, Santa Clause aren't true
the sky cries when we smile at her frown; the rainbow
the delicate moon steals the sun light
the mighty waves slap the shore at night
All the happiness is happy-less

O, I wish I could turn the rainbow's smile upside down
Oh, I wish I could live in a fairytale and wear Cinderella's crown
Oh, I wish I could give the moon his own special light
and take from the strong mighty waves the shore's right

If the nature is in war,
where is the peace?
How can we end the war
and conquer the fear?
How can we win over the wrong?
How can we be brave and strong?

Truth can hurt
and we can moan
Thought truth is hard,
it must be known.

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