Sweet Intoxication

August 14, 2011
By Sybrina PLATINUM, Clearwater, Florida
Sybrina PLATINUM, Clearwater, Florida
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Sweet intoxication, he's the poison running
through my veins.
My sweet intoxication, he's the tumor in my
brain. Drunk off his love, swaying from my left
to my right. There's nothing I can do, but lay down
in bed tonight.

Running away from myself, got me like an elk, staring into the
headlights of a car. Try to run away, but you won't get to far.
It's too late now, she won't know who you are. Got me like a ball,
bouncing off the walls because I'm intoxicated....intoxicated with
your love.I would go the extra mile, just to be in your arms. Nothing's
going to stop me because your like a drug...and I can't get enough.

Sweet intoxication, he's the poison running through my veins.
Sweet intoxication, he's the tumor in my brain. The drug that I
need, he's the blood that I bleed. Help me to succeed, this evil deed.

Wake me from this dream, seems so obseen. Like a crazy nightmare, hanging in
despair. Running out of air. Is ANYONE THERE? Reaching for me, grabbing my hair,
ripping it out, blood everywhere. Is this really the end....the end of you and me?

Sweet intoxication, what do I do? Sweet intoxication, can't you hear...
I'm screaming for you? Fighting and biting, I'm violently killing you.
Sweet sweet intoxication......oh wait........I'm dead too!

The author's comments:
My boyfriend inspired me to write this because he's like my poison that keeps me going!

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