August 17, 2011
By getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Scenery is nothing more than poetry.
Love is nothing more than chemicals.
'Cause fairy tales are just scribbled pages filled with happy endings and little white lies.
One person can make a difference, but a crowd can make a change.

If I was the mountain that held the prize,
Would I be worth the climb?
If I was the ocean that caught the breeze,
Would we go dancing in your dreams?
If I was the promise that held you together,
When you fall apart,
Would you still grip me now?
Even when I'm not here,
It's hard to say I'm not here.
If I was gravity pulling you down,
Would you have the strength to soar away?
If you were the sun who rises every morning,
Would you leave me in the evening?
If you were the sand on the beach,
Would your necklaces be made of starfish?
And if I was the world you revolved around,
Would your life be a roller coaster?
Swear you'll remember me,
When grey takes over the color.
If I was the whisper that broke the silence,
Would our love still remain as loud?
What if I made a few mistakes here and there,
Would I be held accounted for my personality?
If I carved your name into my heart,
Would that prove the depth of my love?
What if your tears were rain in a Summer's drought,
Would we be laughing at the thought?
And if my temper was a volcano,
Would you be the cool air to blow off the steam?
I hope you know inside,
Even when I'm not around,
That I'm still here.
I'm still here.
If this moment was a walk in the desert?
Would my footprints be your collective memories?
If I was the amazon that bloomed your thoughts,
Would you cry even more so that I could grow?
If I was the spirit who kept you warm,
Would you be able to sleep on ice?
If you were the tree I spent every minute under,
Would you extend your branches for an extra hug?
What if you were the journal I recorded my problems in,
Would all my fears then fade away?
And if I were the clouds that lifted you up,
Would you live in peace and harmony?
If I was the treasure buried beneath the earth,
Would you get dirty just to dig me out?
If you were the tide that washed ashore,
Would you erase the wrong I've committed?
Could we be now and forever,
When this world turns to new?
If you've lost site of me,
Take one step back,
Because I'm still standing right here.
I'm still standing right here.
If I was the sky that held your hopes,
Would you trust me to send them flying?
And if darkness ruled your life,
Would you count on me to light the way?
What if you cleared your mind,
Would our relationship still be there?
If we could go back and change our past,
Would you wipe all temptations of me?
If I took you to see the stars,
Would you still remember the moments we've spent together?
And promise me that if one of us disappears,
That the other one will remain right here.
Because I'm still here.
I'm still here.
I'll be by your side,
I'm right here.
I'll be right here for you.

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