Random poem in june

June 8, 2011
By , Port Washington, NY
If you ever feel you don’t belong
If you’re holding the door a little too long
If all you want is to go along
If all you want is a sign, a song
Feeling your heartbeat rise into space
You want to get out of this place

When one dream dies
Another grows
Don’t say it isn’t so
That it’s all lies
Only the one like you can understand
Only they can sympathize

Don’t push them away
Ask them to stay
Don’t make yourself alone
Because when that new dream is all grown
You will know
The love
It holds

You will know
Yes you will know
The sky above
The ground below
Your footprints printing slow

Whisper don’t scream
Reach don’t bend
Don’t push your dreams away

Creativity is constant tension
Over your every dimension
Every action that arises
Your dream,
It sympathizes

Be carried away
Be moved toward
What you love
Keep moving forward

Before you hold the door
For someone else
Hold it for yourself
Don’t let it shut in your face.

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