What A Discrace

August 6, 2011
By thelittleones BRONZE, Campbell, California
thelittleones BRONZE, Campbell, California
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Happy Llama! Sad llama! Super llama, drama llama...BIG FAT MAMA LAMA! Moose, duck, iguana, and now the story ends with a canabal-o-rama!!!
Lol jkjkjk
Love hurts hun. not just to you.

Every time I see your face,
All I see is a disgrace
Every time I see your eyes
All I see is a disguise
Because I see through your lies!
Oh yes, yes I do!
But oh, every time I see your smile I just know that you are miles,
and miles,
Away from home.
Away from me.
Your sting is harsh
I just see a bee!
So c'mon, c'mon!
Throw away all your fake I.D.'s!
Show the world your identity,
Oh, please, please!
Wake up and smell the roses!
Fresh, right at your feet,
Tap your little cute toes.
To the beat, the beat, oh the beat!
Show the world your best work.
Cause that is who you are!
Amazing yes, don't you realize!
You're unique
Don't lock yourself inside a tiny jar.
If you do, don't throw away the key!!!
Because I wanna help you
Not make you feel weird,
Or uncomfortable!!!
Come on, come on!!
Throw away the keys to your motel
Show the world who you are!!
Because you are beautiful
You are wonderful
You're so amazing.
May the world shine in your glow.
You're welcome to life.
The doors to life.
The knob is in your hand.
Just twist it!
Today is your day,
Shine like no other
Today is not my day.
So shine like no other.
Today is not my day!
So now that you've thrown away all your fake I.D.s
You can live in harmony,
and live in peace

The author's comments:
Uhm,, I am NOT a good song writer. hope you enjoyed it though! :)

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