August 2, 2011
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I love you, I love you, I love you, it's true,
but you don't even know it, do you?

Truth be told, I'm really afraid,
of giving you my heart,
and my heart getting played.

I'm afraid of the tears
that I know will come

My biggest fears-
let me tell you some

By far
I'm afraid I'll never know
By far
More afraid I'll never show

That you are the one that I want,
You are my heart's true desire
You are the one stalking my dreams in the night,
the one who sets my soul on fire

I'm afraid of what you might say.
Afraid that is might be a no.
But most of all I tell you this,
I'm afraid that you'll someday let go

I want you with me forever,
and as friends, I know you'll stay
But if I tell you how I really feel,
I'm afraid that you'll just turn away

So please, please, I'm begging you now
let me get this off of my chest, somehow...

I love you,
more than you know
I love you,
and I'm afraid I can't go

On with my life
thinking that I never told you...

That on top of all this,
one more fear I will stack...
My biggest fear of all,
that you won't love me back.

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