This Song Is For {You}.

July 27, 2011
Every girl that's crying, every melting smile,
Every person on the street, every little child.
Every wounded soldier, every fighting soul,
Waiting for the day when you can finally come home.

This song is for you, whoever you are,
Wherever you're going, no matter how far,
Don't ever give up, this world is your fight,
And all that you've been through, might save it tonight..
This song is for you.

Every teenage daughter, every broken heart,
Every single person who feels helplessly torn apart,
Every addiction victim, every repenting soul,
I know it won't help much but there's one thing you should know

This song is for you, whoever you are,
Wherever you're going, no matter how far,
Just keep holding on, tomorrow will come,
You've gotta take darkness, to get to the sun.
This song is for you..

Anyone across the world who needs a second chance,
Anyone who can't let go of something in the past,
I know words won't wipe away the pain you feel inside,
But in the end you'll realize there's no way you can hide.

This song is for you. I hope you believe,
In all that it's saying, and what you should leave,
This song is for you, don't leave it behind,
Let go of the past, that you'll never find.

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sharpshot1 said...
Aug. 8, 2011 at 11:39 am
this really means alot, my uncle just got back from over seas, and i showed him this and he cryed a little, which is tough cuz he is a marine
Wild_Rebel_Rose replied...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 12:31 am
wow thanks so much for sharing this with him, and for telling me about it. That means so much to me
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