All That Calms Me Down

July 25, 2011
By IizShmo SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
IizShmo SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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my quote would be one i made
"time solves all problems, your friends help solve problems. Find your true friends who will be patient with you."
- Sam Quintana

When you sit and think
i hope your thoughts display the best of me.
when you smile, you smile like the sun
and the rest is history.

Stop the worries in my head
grab my cheeks and make them dissappear
i wanna feel relief with the greif inside my bones
i want you to supress the stress when your not near.
I want to feel you beside me when your not here.
when your not here.

Pick me up, drive me back to my bed
Like the days when im alone,
And My eyes are aching red,
Help me wash the dirt off my bones
if only you will meet me here soon
If only you would meet me here soon.

Please open your eyes once, tellme if you can
You know this is killing me eating away at every ligiment.
I dont care what others say i place you first
cause through it all, im your biggest fan.

I will always love you,
i will always love you,

I wished that you could see me ,somewhere on this god for saken earth,
I want you to see me stranded without a sign.
Tell me that your mine, tell me it will all be fine,
it will all be fine
I wished that i could see you on this god forsaken earth
in places we cant imagine, I love my counterparts

You know this is killing me eating away at every ligiment.
Lately, your all that calms me down, from this f***ed up place we all call home.

My head never loses you
not for a second
your voice, yeah your voice
its about all that calms me down
Its about all that calms me down.

The author's comments:
I wrote this with thought of a man, broken down to pieces with really nothing left emotionally, begging for a girl with something great to offer.

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