July 24, 2011
By , Rio Rancho, NM
Reflected off a shaft of silver moonlight
Captured in your gaze
Tattered angel wings take to flight
Leaving our present age

And you were everyone’s shadow
(Everyone’s shadow)
Dancing in the rain
But the laughter never ceased
Outlined against the pain

And you were my last chance
Thunder crashing down
Because your distant eyes
Held no sound
And silence surrounds you
When you’re poised to fly
(To fly)
Because all I remember
Are your deep blue eyes


Teardrops running down
A shattered mirror (mirror)
Dark eyes that found this meaning clearer
And at the end of the tunnel
I thought I saw the light
But it turned out to be a blunted sword
Reflected in the night

(Chorus 2x)

Time doesn’t matter anymore
It’s lost forever
And open door

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