free of our binds

July 24, 2011
By feetwithwings GOLD, Powell, Ohio
feetwithwings GOLD, Powell, Ohio
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"My stomach had the rumblies that only hands would satisfy." - Carl from Llamas with hats

you know even though youre so tired and blue
i can see you in my own pain too
ive never seen such a good start
never seen such a beautiful heart

* what would i do
if i couldnt have you?
what would i say
if you went away?

sometimes im scared
yet i know that you’ll always be there(:

i was sometimes dieing in my head
but you stopped my dreams of being dead
in my most murdered state again
you helped my whole new life begin

and though at first i was scared out of my mind
now ive broken free of the bind
know I’ll always be here, until you want me no more
youre just the best part of me, the only one i adore


sweetheart when we fall we fall hard
but we pick up eachother’s shards
and each time we’re stronger
each time it takes a little bit longer

before we tear ourselves apart
and these worries are buried
though the fears could be varied
they’ve ran away
caught by your embrace
no need for them with my trust in your heard
that was always there, even from the start

The author's comments:
this was for someone i love<3

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