I'll Try

July 17, 2011
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I get up every morning
To get the bus to school
Standing there just waiting
Just waiting there for you

I wait there every morning
At nine o’clock to wait
Never a minute there to early
Or a minute there to late
Just exact enough to catch the bus
And hope that I see you


Baby, I’ll try
Try for us,
Try for you
I’ll try my hardest, yes I will
And all because of you
I’ll try

I hope it does work out
I hope our love is true
And if it doesn’t work out
Know that I loved you

Maybe our love is stronger
With all the fights with you
But I know that I tried
To make our love come true

Maybe it did us some good
Maybe it did us some bad
All I know is that it,
Was a good relationship we had


I know it might be over
I wish it wasn’t true
Maybe it’s for the better
That there’s no more me and you

At least now I know
That I can say I’ve tried
I really don’t regret it
Even when our love had died

Chorus (2x)

I tried

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