Birthday Surprises

July 14, 2011
By musicislife429 GOLD, Fairfax, Virginia
musicislife429 GOLD, Fairfax, Virginia
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She was turning six years old,
Had a future so bright
Though still untold
Her dreams ran through her mind as her brother whispered goodnight

She awoke the next day
Excited for the sun
It was finally her birthday
A day she could play with her friends, and scream, and run

She searched everywhere for her big brother
He was nowhere to be found
He asked everyone she could, her friends, father, and mother
They didn’t know, he had disappeared without a sound

She ended her search and slowed to a walk
Everyone winced as her face quickly fell
And her screams quieted, she refused to talk
She was about to cry, and everyone could tell

She was encouraged to rejoin her friends
Her father told her to smile
Said that her brother leaving the party wasn’t the end
He’d probably be back home in a little while

She played and danced, but she wasn’t complete
Everything seemed dark
She couldn’t take the heat
Her disappointment left a deep mark

She gave up hope in her brother coming to play
She didn’t want to wait
Decided he wasn’t coming to her birthday
He had probably gone out on some stupid little date

She ignored his absence, at least she tried to
And had finally stopped looking for him
Until she heard a familiar “Hey, you!”
As the lights in the dining room began to dim

She watched her brother waltz in
Carrying a cake
It wasn’t thin
It must have taken him all day to make

She jumped in his arms
After he put it down
He began to put on his charm
But then just laughed, he was such a clown

She couldn’t believe it
He hadn’t ditched her after all
She stared at the six candles, all brightly lit
Their shadows dancing at the wall

She didn’t need to wish on the fire that she blew
She had everything she could ever need
And everyone knew
This child was not ruled by greed

She was happy with what she had
She loved her brother
She loved her dad
And her friends, and her mother

A moment she would always remember, the party began
You could taste the happiness in the air
She felt what only a six year old can
Now that her big brother was finally there

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