I don't need you

July 14, 2011
Woke up in the morning and your not by my side.
You packed up all your things and just left me behind.
I could sit around and cry about you all day
but i need a little down time yeah find some time to play.
So i go downtown to my favorite bar.
Jukebox playin and some DDR.
Have another beer drop the keys to my car because I dont need you.

hey-ay-ay hay-ay-ay hay-ay-ay Because I dont need you.

Woke up late with my head in a fog.
Dont think Im gonna make it to my job.
might as well go out get the keys to my car because i dont need you.

Down on the corner in my favorite bar.
Jukebox playin that CCR.
Have another round start see'in stars still I dont need you.

If only I get one try
might as well enjoy my life
because to have a good time yeah
I dont need you.

Down on my knees and im prayin hard
tears on my pillow and tissues in my car.
I dont even know where i begin to start because i still miss you. because i still miss you
Yeah i still miss you

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alwer299 said...
Jul. 21, 2011 at 10:19 am
...All your pieces lately have been so heart-breaking and passion filled. You are doing amazing things with what's going through your head. I am truly astonished with your work, and how well written, and mind-probing it is. I am not capable of putting my thoughts about your work into words. It's just so amazing, and really beautiful. I may just die if you ever stop writing.
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