Watching Me Cry

July 11, 2011
You watch me cry
and I have to turn away.
I can see the heartbreak on your face
Ooooooooohh Ooooh Ooooohhhhh
Why do you torture yourself
with these things
things like me
that you know will only break you
I don't wanna see the scars
ones I know I've caused
so just walk away
break my heart,
but save your own.
Go ahead
I know
I'm forcing you
not asking you
Don't watch me draw this blade down one more time
Just walk away
just walk out
don't remember me
don't worry
It'll all be over soon
And I'll never scream again
I'll never cry again
You'll never have to worry again
Ooooooooohh Ooooh Ooooohhhhh
What do I have to do?

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