Among The Betrayed

July 13, 2011
By hindsightismyonlyflaw SILVER, Fairfield, California
hindsightismyonlyflaw SILVER, Fairfield, California
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"...And resist what holds you back." - As Blood Runs Black - Resist

Another panic attack and a fit ov emotional instability and I'm once again on my knees. Where there is no one left to hold, there is another life to be lost upon the rope.

You can't see me, and you can't see the lies I've been told and the lives I've conserved. All you see is the deceit you heard. Use common knowledge and you'll figure out that I'm not as bad as I seem.

I excused myself from the table just like you said, but that is where I abandon your direction. I'm not just someones puppet. I'm not just a pebble to kick around, I'm the foot that kicks your bucket.



I'm not one to be tampered with aand you're not one to be trusted. We live in the world where you have a record being a dirty liar, but you're trusted 'cause ov your false identity. When your life is on the line and you need a lifeline, don't come crawling to me for forgiveness, for I'll remember everything you put me through.


When your existence effortlessly ends, I hope you get that sinking feeling, 'cause everytime I see you, I want you drowned in water. You're the most inutile excuse for a human being this world hath seen. The world agrees and wants your face wiped from it. So get ready, 'cause no one will attend your funeral mourning your death, but instead laughing. No one wanted you here from the start and I see your conceivers with a smile on their faces 'cause they've been relieved ov a wretched creature.

[breakdown] - I was never among the enemy. I was always among the betrayed. I was hoping to ne'er become among the enemy. I was always among the betrayed.

The author's comments:
This isn't an example ov my humble sadistic feelings.

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