It's National Bring Your Futon To School Day (Queen Futon, pt. 1)

July 13, 2011
Word by word you dumb us down, giving us nothing but disinformation. You sabotage our education, you cut us at the knees.

You knew the truth from the start, but you were too arrogant to feed us with the education. You feed us only lies.

Everything in this curriculum is nothing but deceit. Show me the proof behind this stupidity, cause I think

This is all hogwash.


Look at the washed-out media, they all just read off a single script. He who believes in all this is he who must be ignorant: the brainwashed general public.


This is all scripted from the elites' silver platter ov lies. Look at the media. This is just an act. This is just according to their plan.


We need to realize what's going on and retaliate. We. Need to pry our heads up from the sand re-perform the coup d'etat. 'Tis our only chance. We are fed washed-out lies and we need to figure it out. The deceit never trickles down far from the tree. Laissez-faire is just another pleasing joke that rarely falls upon the deaf ears ov the elite.


We need to rebuild. We need an overthrowing. We need relief. We need recovery. This is not a one-person job. This takes a whole nation. This takes retaliators and independence-seekers alike. This is an all-out effort. It needs to happen before it's too late.

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