This Is Me Now.

July 14, 2011
By , Warren, AR
Matty Matt: Scream rap vocals/screamo
Gary: Rap vocals
Chorus: Gary *rapping* & Matty Matt *back ground screamo*

Because to me
I wasn''t worth it
to her I was perfect....
look at what I become
this is me now.......

[verse 1 (Matty Matt)]
Amazin how you claim me
through the times and situations
where I wasn't even there....
I love you!...
I hate him!...
I wish you didn''t care...
look at what I become
you're in love with a monster
a fake, a heartbreaker
the oppisite from what you are
so if you're the truth
then I'm just a lie
slowly all the wonderfullest of dreams
methamorph into the worse of nightmares
beyond these eyes
which slowly watched you die
walking and talkin like the
devil's arrow hasn't
struck my heart
this heart greatly
filled with so much hurt
still remains the pain
from the past,
that eats me up inside
which is so hard to kill and
the emotions are present
on my face, in my words,
I wish it was, but it's something
can't even hide...
I'll end all by any means
twisted and conflicted
seemingly impossible to let go.....
you expect answers
all I can tell you is
"I don't know"
this pain's grip is strong
like steel, when I come to my senses
realize that the reason it exsisted
because you were broken
by this "love spell" first
evil is manifested
from years building up among
fear and agony at it's worst
look at me, this hands
do nothing but destroy
never meant to play with
your heart as if
it was a toy
the pain itself has finally
come into visualization
hate and evil
seems to define me
so there must be some relation
pieces of my soul get smashed
away over and over again
as payback for the times
where nothing was done
about you being you hurt
Matty's considerin this
as his last, needless to say
I wish this was the first,
so the pain wouldn't
be a problem or burden
screw these lyrics
I'm going to rock suicide
on this track
Matty Matt hit da dirt!

[Chorus: Gary & (Matty Matt)]
To her I was perfect...
to me I wasn't worth it
everything I have,
I gave away,
just so you could stay
I don't wanna live
but I don't wanna die...
no turning back...
(Follow me, falling faster
right now....)
the demon is released
no clue on what it became
this is me now...

[verse 2 (Gary)]
She's all that I want
There's nothing more
I could ask for or have
if love is leading
my way wrong
then screw it
I'll never be on
the right path
never I once
made it seem
like I wasn't grateful
my reason for being
distrustful was because
you were unfaithful
in direction of being guided
by false words, which is
why I have chose
to become unstable
look past my eyes,
see into my heart
have you ever noticed
the way it changed me
especially when I'm
sending you the signs
if... my... heart... is... to... break
apparently this love
wasn't anywhere near fake
what more can we take!?
Love will be
the death of me
hate is my worse enemy
broken by your words
oh, so tragically
still going on because
I'm amped up on hate
and this is the basis
of my new energy
If you honestly claim
you have nothing to regret
then your theory on love
proves to be
a falsifying hypothesis
which you haven't yet
prove to not be incorrect.....
now I see you gotta
longer way to go
and a bigger load to tow
so you better get going
time for you tow the load
that I once had to hold
now you tow the toll
so you better get towing!

To her I was perfect...
to me I wasn't worth it
everything I have,
I gave away,
just so you could stay
I don't wanna live
but I don't wanna die...
no turning back
follow me, falling faster
right now....
this is me now...

The one and only Matty Matt.
Pernicious Nonsense: "Never let anyone, stop you from living your dreams"

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