Listen to your heart Part 2

July 13, 2011
By MidwestProphet SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
MidwestProphet SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
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Listen To Your Heart.
[Verse 1]
Listen to your heart while your heart speaks
listen to your heart beat with you baby girl my lifes complete
cant you see we were just meant to be
girl my hearts locked and your are my master key
I’m spitting lyrically you burn me like third degree
your music to my ears your Mozart’s symphony
Mentally, You know are love will never ever last
i wish the wall between was just made of glass
So i wish i could go back in time
when i was just spitting rhymes
i cant love anybody but you cause i am prime
cause your the rhyme to my rap, the lyrics to my song
cause your the girl in my arms
and thats the way it should belong
and everyday i think about you running through my mind
cause your the girl, the perfect girl, hard to find
the perfect two, cause thats how we are defined
the wall between I’m just gonna have to climb

[Verse 2]
I’m sorry girl I’m not perfect for what i lack a matter a fact
I’m only 18 and I’m just strait killin’ rap
but you strait played me, why would i not react?
you broke my heart down to the center and now its cracked
cause i still reminisce about the days we spent together
when i met you i thought we’d be forever
i need you now, my heart is never gonna be whole
bloods racin’ through my veins like my rap flow
cause i miss you so much i can’t sleep at night
i feel the pain every single time we would fight
and when I’m sad, i take a pen and paper and write
cause i hope to god that everything’s gonna be alright
but I’m sorry, i guess the message was never sent
i wanna go back in time but I’m stuck in the present
its cold, I’m sad, you never intend
i wish i could change to who i was just to prevent it.

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