The Results Vary

May 5, 2011
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Yo let me tell you now I’m creating a program
Rearranging the space so a spot is open
Better clear the way cause I’m the one chosen
So I am approaching
What I leave will be broken
So many pieces, yeah this puzzle ain’t joking
The problems out of hand, there is nothing you’re holding
Can you fix it? Psh you’re hopin
Hah, so here’s to hopin
You are in so deep, it’s like you are choking
Your doubts are soaking
So here’s to hoping
The results vary

But I don’t have a doubt
Let grasp the situation cause I can turn it out

Rearrange it’s rewound
But don’t make the same mistake again
Don’t wish for a second chance
Cause the past is setting in
It’s locked, it’s closing in
This door is shut closed
But another’s opening

Go ahead and step through
Move on and pursue
Don’t focus on what you leave cause your existence needs some proof
Hah, so here’s to hoping
Here’s to hoping

Once you step on new ground
You’ll have to reseed
It’ll take time to grow, mature, be seen
Ha, good luck with that
The future’s a mystery

I spy with my eye
A path into another side
But it’s fake, it’s a trick
And yet we hope it is no lie
It’s not that we deny
It’s just what we imply
And we can’t always compensate for what we defy
Ha so here’s to hoping
Hoping we can try
But I’ve tried to handle things
And things are better left aside

I keep on dreaming
Then waking up grieving
The fantasy is nice but reality’s teasing
I gotta look away cause my eyes are bleeding
Ha, so here’s to hoping
Now here’s to hoping

With every next step I’m regretting my motion
Let me just fly so I can soar over the ocean
I don’t mind getting wet since I’m burned by devotion
It’s time these ashes get wet, resolution what I’m soaking
Ha, so here’s to hoping
Now here’s to hoping
The results vary

We’re all ballin on this court
Everybody’s got a plan
Doesn’t matter where we resort
Just as long as we make demands
We’ll stock it up and we’ll secure
Only selling it for more
Once inflicted you’re addicted
There’s no telling what’s in store

Unaware of my place cause I’m stuck inside a trance
Hypnotic illusions as they surrounding
Sympathetic conclusions, it’s astounding
The doubt is clouding
The hope is drowning

It’s so eluding passing by like a chance
Hit me up a glance
The disappointment is damp
It’s so tight like a clamp
I wanna take it round but it’s sore like a cramp
I wanna spin it out but all the gears are jammed
Seems all my options appear to be crammed
So I gotta make a new choice, one that’s enhanced

It will leave a mark, one that is permanent
The stain is superior and removal leaves a dent
You’re left with discontent
Your approvals irrelevant
The only say in the matter that you have is to submit
Your choice is not to pick
What you lack is what you get
It all boils down to one conclusion and that is to forget
So hah, here’s to hoping
Now here’s to hoping

Let me hit you up for it’s time to connect
I shall draw the line, and it’ll be one that represents
The boundaries and limits, that seem to be condensed
Hah, so here’s to hoping
Now here’s to hoping
Feel the spawn of the influence marked by my presence
You can dodge, you can hide, but you can’t prevent
Just understand my level, as I reward with my entrance
Hah, so here’s to hoping
Now here’s to hoping

The boundaries are climbed but the top is angled at a pivot
You can keep changing the present but the past is never shifted
But even when I’m down, I still focus on what’s lifted
Hah so here’s to hoping
Now here’s to hoping
Keeping up with sound cause what you hear reflects your image
In that case I strike a pose and a style that is witted
So you won’t ask for a return cause the best is always submitted
Hah, so here’s to hoping, now here’s to hoping
The results vary

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