Lies Of Fame

May 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Give it to me straight
Then any other way
We're making this rap so destructive
Causing such a scene you might want to hire a detective
Just a little diddy we created
Give us some time before we have it fully demonstrated
not only are we gonna leave you mesmerized
maybe even terrorized
cause our awesomeness is leaving us memorized,
rapping paradise. When we walk in everybody looks,
cause they know us from magazines and books
.Nothing can compare to out never ending fame
We made it here thanks to our rap game
We left everything behind
To receive dough from inside or minds
we just made a million
We still got more up ahead I'm talking billions
Don't talk to me I'm not a kid
I know what i want and you will be sorry you just did
I could rap you out and exceed my expectation
you don't need to introduce me cause i have my own indication.
Because i am known throughout the nation.
See all my shiny cars
I got them because I'm a Hollywood star
Hook me up if your famous
But don't try and tame us
We need no invitation
because we're invited to every orientation
We visit on five star restaurants
Soon as we done we're taking off
Paris Italy Rome
We ain't never coming home
We living the good life.
Creating musical vibes
And no i don't shop at dollar tree
because i found something cheaper and its free Money grants my greatest wishes
i got a chef surviving up my favorite dishes
I just won a award Grammy
While wearing my dress that was uncanny
I got a couple apprentices
That always finish my sentence
I have a private flight
I have haters but i don't let them bite
I look down at the city
Gives me no pity
I have a life to run
Its the monster I've become
I still have the world to conquer
Shut my eyes because i have dreams to capture
My fans adore me
They'd do anything for me
I throw some bucks in the air
And just love to stare
At the happy smile i bring
Like buying a man his wife's ring
Its never about the money is it?
Genuine happiness is held within

The author's comments:
Ha hey i like rap too ya know!

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