man of words

July 13, 2011
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i am alive

yet im dead

all day i strive

must be in my head

i will survive

but all i see is red

my hope is down

my stream of pain is set

i dont much frown

but somtimes let

i feel like ill drown

if my secrets are not kept

so i hide in myself

realesing my pain

i dont worry for wealth

i have nothing left to gian

im all that can remain

i know im insain

so let it rain yes let it pore

this is s*** ill take no more

im unlike before

now let me reashore

i dont even know what for

so i open the door

and proceed to the light

yet it is night

i store up my might

like im ready to fight

but then i let go and the rest you know

this is to vent

my mind is bent

i need a ment

so ill lett you go

and leave this to what you know

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