The Burden I Bear

July 12, 2011
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Nothing but ashes now remain
From the fire I’ve started in my brain
Burning down the better side of me

But do I have the strength to save myself?
Before this castle crashes down
On to the sand from which it came
And I’m the one to blame

This is the burden I bear
This is the promise I kept
This is the way that she spins around,
And dances off my fingertips

This fight isn’t fair
It’s so hard for me to carry on
And stand tall
When the whole world wants to see me fall

Now as the line begins to fade
Between my choices and mistakes
I’ll fade away

Maybe only god can save me now
From these thoughts that strangle me in doubt
And ignite these flames burning in my brain

But I won’t fold
No I won’t fade away
When time takes its toll
Life is a price I won’t pay

As it’s the burden I bear

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