July 12, 2011
By missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
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when i saw you for the first time,
i wanted you to be forever mine,
it was love at first sight -
oh wait! hold up - never mind -
i was MESSED UP at first sight
babe, you messed up my mind...
you remind me,
of what i wanted all those other guys to be -
smooth walker- sweet talker-
babe, you knew how to get to me...

you are my summer love-
the only one i'm ever thinking of,
dreaming of- speaking of-
which, baby, i need to know:
do you love me? or no?
so i can know, whether to hold on
or to let you go.
babe, you gotta let me know.
before you, take control
of my emotions and make me feel so low.
you have to know-
that i really don't wanna-
but just like Rhianna
and Ne-Yo:
i hate that i love you so.

you promised to love me forever?
pshhhh, baby, whatever.
forever? we both know you could never,
keep that lie going on for too long,
babe you come on so strong,
i don't know my right from your wrong.
my friends say they knew it all along.
baby, if you playing me-
then baby say it straight to me!

yeah fo sho imma cry baby...
but this is why, baby
i gotta know:
do you love me? or some other ho?
hold up, you say you got me?
well babe, i never really got you,
never really HAD you,
but oh my god i love you.
you need to slow your role,
quit trippin' over your hormones,
my heart is so sore,
when you ain't with me baby i feel so alone.

you got me thinkin' ahead,
getting ahead of myself.
your selfish -
but for some reason i just can't help myself.
you got me started and WE haven't even begun,
i wanna be your only one.
but baby i gotta stop loving you. forget you.
that's the ONLY thing i know that's true.
but just remember--
things are ALWAYS easier said, than they are done.

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