Bored Games

July 12, 2011
By missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
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Yo ! excuse me mister
but can I check the time ?
exactly two minutes ago
you told me I was a dime

you said that I was a ten
you said: baby, you are bomb
so I got the feeling you felt me
but I guess I was wrong .

So tell me what happened to -
my flirty, stand up guy ?
my first impression of you was:
that boy ain't shy !

Why you pullin' a Valentino on me ?
one step forwards, two steps back
I wish you would just step up to the plate
the bases are loaded so just take a wack .

My guard's down, but your guard's up
please tell me what's wrong with me ?
or is it you- infatuated ?
too young to take it seriously ?

Pick up your game, 'cause I ain't playing
if all you're gonna do is lose
you got a head start, I played my cards
so I beg you, JUST MAKE A MOVE .

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