July 12, 2011
By missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
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*this one goes out to all the smart children...*

I'm the girl next door of the studious kind,
you're the village man with only womeon your mind,
read it to me, I bet you wouldn't know where to begin,
you'd say: what page are we on? and what class am I in?
wake up babe, get a clue, get a grip on your life,
'cause I'm more than an object, I'm not your trophy wife.

so look, it's clear to me that we have no chemistry,
I got a 4.0, you're barely passing with D's.
so you see, why conversations never get to a point,
you lose concentration, never fail to disappoint,
but always fail to impress me, my mind is made up,
worst student in class, everybody gave up.

your lack of knowledge led you down to an inevitable fate,
your brain always set on low, always at its ground state,
I try to stimulate, that waste, of the human sense,
it's just way too hard, when you're always under the influence,
I'm sorry, too fast in this song,
it means 'slow down', try to follow along.

you're just not my boy, I'm not diggin' your swag,
you see I'm meant for greater things, you'd just hold me back,
in class, that's where you sit with other losers and rebels,
obviously, we are on different energy levels,
maybe we got opposite spins, but Pauli will make an exception,
our colors don't match, don't got the same emission spectrum.

it's gonna take more than a flame, to spark this attraction,
Imma noble gas, you can't evoke a reaction,
you act out, like antimony, unpredictable,
but I can't cancel you out, no negative reciprocal.
Ctrl + Z! I've been wishing we could just restart,
but you're thinking of yourself, thinking with your man parts.

get your head out of the gutter, get your nose in your books,
but no, too insecure, you think your friends will all look,
overtook, your life, your dumb friends and their games,
you know who I mean, I don't gotta say names,
but now you see what happens when you listen to the hype,
you become one of the crowd, and that's not my type.

I'm the nerd you can't have, you're a jerk who's too stupid,
and this is why, I'd never be the girl of a cool kid.

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