As Terror Falls Down.

July 12, 2011
By MattyMattWeirdThing SILVER, Warren, Arkansas
MattyMattWeirdThing SILVER, Warren, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"It's funny how
my heart forgives,
but my mind
doesn't allow me
to forget."

By: Matthew Broughton.

[verse 1 Matty Matt]
I hate myself for it
but I'm going dispite you
seeking everlasting comfort
in this set of broken lies
this is what I've become!!
This is not what I
want to be!!!!
These tears are the
only memento that
there is little light
thus, all of everything
has been swallowed
by darkness at this rate
I can't seem to
contain my emotions
Everything freezes then
crumbles right before
my very eyes
it's not much but
I wish you
all my strength
to save yourself!
I'm nothing but
a total waste
trying to find
my place that
I been searching for!!
Falling from the sky
my wings aren't
strong enough to fly
with this broken heart...
The sins of the fallen
creates a greater pain
that can't be drowned
by void of sorrow!
I will never....
be the same...
stripped away from
everything that he
promised me and all
I have to remember
from his grace
is the curse from
which these scars
manifested from my
selfish desires...
sadly they are
my only friends...

[Bridge: Matty Matt]
It's so hard
I'm just forcing myself
to hide tears
just to bare a smile
with only little time
to spare and my feelings
should be casted away
because they are only
holding me back
from you!
What will become
of the world?
What will become
of us??
As terror falls down!
( As Terror Falls Down 10x's)

[Chorus (Matty Matt)]
It seems that you
are right there
but you are soaring
so far awaaaaay.....
so hard to hold on....
so hard to let go....

Let life flow into me....
Every breath that I'm
taking is drawing you away...)

[*Background Singing w/Chorus* Gage]
We're just hoping
to gain forgiveness
we're forgetting that
we're suppose to forgive...

[verse 2 Matty Matt]
How is anything normal?
When the world is turned
all the way upside-down??
I feel like
that everything we
swear our souls to
was all for nothing!
Hiding... because we're lost...
Running... because we're lost....
the truth is in his eyes
too late to turn BACK!
Only alive for you
but I'm dead inside..
What do I have
left for you to offer!?
Screaming your name
as I reach for the skies
of heaven just hoping
that you will answer
my final prayer!!!
Will you gather
the pieces of me
before they burn away?
My blood will poison
all that embrace the
beloved earth with cipherness
and complete solitude!

[Chorus (Matty Matt)]
It seems that you
are right there
but you are soaring (SOARING.....)
so far awaaaaay..... (AWAY)
so hard to hold on....(HOLD ON!!!)
so hard to let go.... (LET GO!!!)

(I rather not remember...
let me.....
let me....
Put all my secrets to rest...)

The author's comments:
This song/poem may not be one of my best
but it's composed from random thoughts
and dreams that occured during a
few weeks after my mother's death
in another sense, I'm speaking from
another point-of-view like if I died
or something...I haven't manage to realize
what I mean by song maybe you will...
if I had to label this song it's genre
would be "Hardcore Screamo"
this doesn't rhyme by the way.

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