I want to fall of the end of the world.

June 18, 2011
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I want to fall off the end of the world, I want to dive into a cloud of lies. Some people don't want to live but yet there afraid to die. So, I wonder why they whine, why they don't at least even try. lf your still here, then your choice is clear. . . you chose life!
If you want to live then you've got to thrive, that's the definition of being alive. Come on and thrive, why not be alive? Go on and breathe, go on and try. These things you must do in order to see the true potential of your life. For all its wins and through all it's crimes, now can you see what I mean about being alive? You want to be, but first you've got to see. Then you will be ready to fly with me.
Don't give up before you try, you choose life, you choose life!

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