Burn Into Me

July 8, 2011
Life was great before I met him
After life was great, at least for a while
Roses are red, my love
But even without the kiss it was magical
Breathless and relentless
Suddenly he was everything
His lips held love, his eyes held love
I hold the necklace he gave to me
engraved, "So you'll always carry me with you."
He kissed me and he held
He's burned into me
I'll stay, okay?!?
I cross my heart, don't wanna die
Don't wanna stay cause...
The monster inside is screaming, betraying
But you get mad and take it out on me
You say that I'm the b*tch queen of everything
It all seemed like it should
Until it didn't anymore
It all sounded like it should
until everything got worse
Fell in love with a monster
Who doesn't really care, doesn't really bother
I feel like I'm drowning in shallow water
It's like my head is slipping further away
You're killing me, but you're saving me
From how I shouldn't feel inside

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