Simple Complection

July 8, 2011
By M_Stream BRONZE, Elsa, Texas
M_Stream BRONZE, Elsa, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Never let anyone say your nothing,... when your actaully a Firework!

Ever feel like you can't breath around him,
And you always want to be around...

*But things change even though its been a long time...
3 months 2 days

First started as Love,
Then turned to Tragedy...

But the only thing you could have done... Was let me go_


I heart you, But I don't really want to fo back to all of it.
Your a storm I don't want to Endure no more.
Or suffer after.
Your nothing now,.. and you'll never be agian.

No more memories to breathe in.
Your a complication..._ That I don't bother with.
As I write this I have hate in me. But yet sill a little spark that runs in me.._ Hopeing agian.

No more bothering to this just going to forget, and start new!

Simple Complications will not do!_....

The author's comments:
Here im like trying to explian how it is like in the begginging missing the person, but then realizing that it was not worth it no more at the end, since we were seperated. So to just forget and to move on..._

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