Something New

July 7, 2011
there are days i waste away
hoping that the memories fade
though its never gunna change
for you i always felt the same

i believed what you said
but its a lie in my head
you were never gunna change
i guess it wont be the same

there was a time
here and then
but i bet
you cant remember when
the fights are gone
the tears will fade
its the memories
that still remain
though its not the same
your part of me
its how it is
please don't reminisce
i cant believe what you put me through
its time for something new

there were times
you crossed my mind
but i cant
realize why

me and you are in the past
now its finally gone at last
loving you was what i did
i guess it wasn't me you missed


oh whoa yeah (extended)


the days will fade
the memories will pass
the hurt will heal
its gone at last

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