Another scream falling on deft ears

July 1, 2011
if I said I missed you would you miss me too,
or was I just wasted time?
because Ive seen nothing new,
nothing new sence I misplaced my
heart with you,
that night.

you haven’t changed?
Then what the hell?
I used to know you all too well,
and you, you swore you loved me one night.
And I don’t know why your still on my mind.

You took the time to say those words.
You took the time to change my mind.
Your voice was sweet,
I heard those words and now my
heart cant find its rhyme.

The fact is Your different,
please learn to face it.
because until you do I just can't take it.
because I want, I want you.

and I believe in who you used to be
because he swore that he loved me.

It's funny how
I don’t care who you’ve become.
And I swear
it doesn’t change,
I love you.

Please come home,
Please believe
You can always come back to me,
I love you.

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