June 27, 2011
i've had day dreams,
i've wished for pretty things,
but then i saw your eyes.
i've seen oceans,
even a night sky scattered with sparkling lights.
and it's a ways away,
me knowing what to say,
'cuz nothing comes out right.
it's too late to not get hurt,
cuz when i saw the girl, i understood why:

because shes so beautiful.
yeah, shes so beautiful.

Verse 2:
the hours passed by,
i looked up at the sky,
the sun was shining down.
i listen to you talk,
and that was when i thought i'd started to figure you out..
but then the rains came and took your smile away, i wondered for how long,
and that day was when
i knew you were the friend to help me sing my song.

how shes so beautiful.
but shes so beautiful.

about how i hope she'll never know,
how i hoped you'd let her go,
'cuz i dont wanna be alone.
how i hoped "im over it"
how i hope its happening,
'cuz no one wants to be alone.
you say that im predictable,
pick up on things that i dont know,
know secrets that i've never told.
you wouldn't notice anyway, and everything will be okay,
you'll never have to be alone...

because she's so beautiful.
yeah she's so beautiful.

Verse 3:
wish i could tell the truth;
some way of telling you exactly how i feel..
i don't even know it,
and i'm really unsure,
but i wish that things could change.
and i wish that you could see yourself exactly the way that i've seen you,
and all along i hope she appreciates every single word you say,
and every "i love you,"

because its so beautiful.
she may be beautiful,
cuz loves so beautiful...
and you're so beautiful.

xoxo becca marie

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