Monster (I’m Begging You)

June 22, 2011
By THSpringNicht BRONZE, Belleville, Michigan
THSpringNicht BRONZE, Belleville, Michigan
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The girl that you know,
She’s gone, pulled a disappearing act.
Do you even know?
How it feels like to be in my shoes?
Always pulling an act,
A fake smile that you wouldn’t imagine.
The girl that you once knew,
She’s somewhere deep inside of this monster.
Of this monster.

Maybe one day, the world can see,
Just what it is like to be me.
I’m my own enemy.
One shaped into something criminal.
Now she is alone, alone,
So alone. Building up concrete walls.
Leave her alone, alone,
So alone. Leave me alone for ever now.
It was just once a wish,
A childish wish.

So, tell me im worthless,
Say that I’m fake
Break me down and watch
Me build up again
I’m begging you to
I’m begging you

It’s a record for the books.
So you can stop giving me looks.
Don’t judge me for something that I can’t control.
I am officially a monster, a monster,
Don’t encourage me.
Don’t break me.


I’ve fallen from grace
Break me down again.
I don’t know
Why I put up with it
So I’m begging you


I’m begging you
Release my heart from this mess
I wanna go down in the flames tonight
Just to rise up from the ashes
I wanna go so far away from here
So just call me when you don’t care
I’ve fallen from you
I’ve fallen from you


And, so, I’m begging you
Im begging you
To leave me where you left me,
And go breaking the hearts that you do.
And tell me im worthless,
Say that I’m fake
Break me down and watch
Me build up again.
Apparently, I’m the monster.
When you should look at yourself.

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