For a moment

June 17, 2011
By Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
We all die, the end- i belive this quote clearly states life in the thinnist so if were to die and then thats they end of the story then i think we should fill it in like authors do in fiction writing
The final line of the chapter is the first line of the next chapter

I wake up and take a deep breath,
I close my eyes and wish for a moment (pause)
That . . .I wouldn't have to think
I'm always surrounded by to many thoughts, to many things, I'm always busy
All I want is a distraction, a moment in one day where I could be awake, and not have to think
For a moment I just wanna wake up and open my eyes and not have to, think . . .

The author's comments:
At first it was a poem, but I really wanted it to be a song, When your stuck alone with your thought it just seems to come to you

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