A shot of reality

June 16, 2011
You living in a dream world
Where you think you’re the king
And when people see you
Come there way, their body starts to cringe.
In your eyes your god
And in your mind
You’re on top and number one.

Well Imma bout to give you
A shot of reality,
Make you fall and get your mind
Off of stability.
Cause Imma bout to make you frown,
Take you down; throw your plastic crown,
On to the floor into the trash
Make you fall hard and crash.

What Imma bout to spit
Aint nothing nice
But you gotta pay the price.
For being a fake and talking s***
But only cheap shots you were able to hit.
And if you can’t take the heat
Then you better start to fleet
Cause what I spit is real word
And I know you aint nothing but a bird.

So you say you a lion
But honestly you just a lil’ kitten
And what you free styling and spitting
I swear it was already written.

You claim you the king.
That you’re on top
And number one.
Hate to burst your bubble
Make you trip, stumble and fumble.

It’s sad to see
That you actually believe
That you the king
When your only a fake, phony, and fraud
Nothing no where even near god.

Oooh I know those words
Make your ears ring
Your eyes sting
And your blood boil.
But it’s too late to stop me now
Already got your neck in a coil.
And now like a dog, Imma make you sit
Listen and be loyal.
Cause now I’m your master
Ready to put your life in disaster
Faster and faster, make your head spin
Drop, fall to the floor outta breath
Body full of sweat.
In fear your in cause you know I’m more the just a threat.

No wait, I’m not through with you yet.
Get back up, take it like a man
Guess that lion in you was actually a lamb.

You claim your number one
And that you’re on top.
Now wait pause and just stop.
To me it’s a lil odd how you claim your on top
Cause you see the funny thing is
I don’t remember giving up my spot
Or stepping down from my throne.
And last time I checked my name
Queen Minni was set in stone.
But it’s all good aint gonna go insane
I’ll just go along with your lil game.
Cause I understand
And so I don’t wanna ruin all your fun.
But just a lil warning I’ll give
In reality where we all live
I’ll always be number one
And since I know I already won
I’ll just play along
Just to see how you have fun
So for now I’m finished but not forever done

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