Its all the Same

May 30, 2011
It hurts the first time
But then its just alright
But then its overrated
but were just all the same

There's no way to change it
No way out
Smoke gather no longer
Scream don't shout

Hide yourself from you loved ones
Take the pain away only for a moment then its all the same

Chorus:All the same
It's all the same
It's all the same

Hit a little harder
Talk more rough
Breathe a little faster
Be more tough!

It doesn't really matter
Your never gonna change
The music in my head is
Always the same

Chorus: Its all the same
All the same
It's all the same

You break you smash you leave
But you don't take me away
Take me away
Put me down again
Your all the same
Everything that you chased
All just to get away never to stay

Just stop
Just stop for one moment
Just to throw it away
Cause its all just the same

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