I`m Done

June 6, 2011
I`m Done, Done with the lies
Done with the tears
Done with everything , yeah
I`m done thinking to myself, Tellin` myself all these lies
Cuz` I know, that you never really here, no no
You were always, somewhere else
Even when we kissed, the sparks I felt
Were never really there
So I`m done, whoa
Done with the lies
Done with the tears
Done feeling bad for myself
Done wishing on a star, every night
Hopin`, believing you`ll come back,
Cuz` now I know, you never deserved me
Told me once I was too good,I thought no that`d be you
But I see now that i was wrong
& now I know that life goes on
I`m too good for youu
But no, I`m not like other girls
I`m not gonna tell you you`re a jerk
I`m not gonna waste my time on you
Cuz` I am done with everything
I don`t need you anymore
Ohhh, I`m Done

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