Into The Darkness

June 15, 2011
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What’s with all this talk, about going down one of life’s roads?
And who’s this other guy that’s standing at the crossroads?
What’s he doing and why is he staring at me?
I’ve done nothing, I’ve done nothing! Why can’t you just let me be?

So god damn you and your red glowing eyes,
Your silhouette, it’s killing me, a haunting memory in disguise.
I look in the mirror and all I see is your face,
And as I scream in fear I cherish the moments before the condensation is erased.

I’ve been walking around this maze for some god damn hours,
How long will it take before I finally get to take a shower?
And wash these scars on my skin away,
Silently awaiting the transition from dark to day.

But the night, it lasts for more than one whole minute,
Forcing you to sit through the pain of what you could and couldn’t finish.
How could you? How could you? It’s daunting words are but an empty room,
I take my place, close my eyes as I await for it to encompass my doom.

Every morning I wake up, praying this tumor has gone away,
The one that sits is my stomach who’s malignant mind is here to stay.
A gray matter that shades over every color, and here I am sitting in that same old wonder.
A hopeless regret once again ready to meets its match, as I watch the bright morning skies turn a deepest black.

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