We'll Miss You

June 14, 2011
In loving memory of Tyler Bunn and Alliy Bayliss.
June 14, 2011

We gaze around the room, looking at one another
From left to right, a sister, a brother

An empty spot, the circle has a hole
He broke away, broke apart, lost control

And now we stand, confused and incomplete
Our thoughts running wild, and our hearts in our feet

Wondering where we went so terribly wrong
How did we not see what was going on

We blame and point fingers, anger growing
One sister begins to cry, her sadness showing

How could we scare away one of our own
He completed the circle, if only he had known

The circle joins closer, we decide not to fight
We bow our heads, and hold our hands tight

No sense in it now, what’s done is done
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run

The circle makes a promise, throughout and within
That we cannot ever, let this happen again.

Today we swear, today we vow
That we will protect the circle, no matter how

We will be there, when our sisters and brothers need us
To comfort our neighbors, and hold our secrets

We’ll apologize for the things we’ve done wrong
And stand together, happy, loving, and strong.

We are the teenagers of the world. And life sucks. School sucks. Relationships suck. Pressure sucks. What more can we do, how else can we make it through, than being there for one another.

Reach out to people. Let them know you care. You can save a life with kind words.

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