The Prince

June 14, 2011
By , Florissant, MO
We say that life is 3D;
You see the three dimensions
but the fourth is deep within me.

On the outside I show my hot kicks,
got these shiny watches slidin' on my wrist,
got my shades on and I'm lookin' slick.
But what you don't see is the poetry-
it flows inside of me.

I had this girl, and she seemed so fly!
She was always like, "Davey you my guy!"
But then a ways down the road, she found another dude:
He was the Prince, and I became the Toad.

So I dressed up, I put my foot down
the ladies swarmed and I got a new crown
but no one ever seen inside of me,
no other queen would read my poetry.

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