Heartwarming Lullaby, Till death do us part

June 13, 2011
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Words I have cannot describe how I feel,
The dimensions you produce,
Are extremely surreal,
Like a sudoku puzzle,
Or an origami,
You twist up my brain,
Speed up my heart,
Make me nervous,
Like I am falling apart,
When I speak,
I may fumble,
I may twitch,
I may look like I saw an evil witch,
Because Im frightened by this ora you bring,
It is something I have never experienced or seen,
What do you expect a girl to do,
When something seems to good to be true,
Like Mt.Everest,
Your spirit brings me high,
Your eyes sing me a heartwarming lullaby,
What is this about you,
I just cant figure it out,
I have to find out what this is all about,
Through open space I wave at you,
You look like you've seen a witch too,
Your body comes towards me,
With much fury,
Our spirits say where have you been all my life,
You tilt me back, kiss me, and then I die.

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