Cold Shoulders

June 13, 2011
I guess you could say I'm the girl,
to believe in Prince Charming, Cinderella, happy-ever-after.
I guess you could say I'm the one,
to examine the damage before it's been done.

Head in the clouds, with feet on the ground
I never really notice till I turned around.
You tap, tapped on my shoulder,
asked me if I'd come over, and dance.
but I'm in the freshman class.

I guess you could say I tend
to never really notice what I have until it's gone.
I guess you could label me the one
to say I'm fine then cry when I'm alone.

My heart stops at the though of saying goodbye,
my hands are shaking and I know I'm about to cry.
You tap tapped on my shoulder,
said graduation doesn't have to mean it's over.

I guess you should that I never,
ever said 'I love you' before.
And maybe I add that without you I'm
shattered pieces, broken glass on the floor.

I'm out of school now, times are looking good,
If your wondering, I think you should,
tap, tap on my shoulder,
say you wanna be with me when we get older.

get down on one knee, say that you'll,

All I have to say is 'I really love you'
and maybe I should add a little Ii do".
Please tap, tap on my shoulder.

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