June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

this is a war and I'm laying in the battlefield,
lost in the hope of the dream,
everyone says to get out the way
but i just lay paralysed in a battle field

i cant look away the darkness is too bright
i look deep within the darkness looking for light
lost and confused, where will i be if i don't get out of here
my breaths get shorter, my dreams get crushed
my hopes are given up.

i end up in a trench of depression so deep
i cant even sleep,
i end up with scars.
that are a constant reminder of what use to be

with each drop of blood that drips
its a reminder that all the pain is real
and its not going to stop til the scars are gone
blown away with the wind.

The author's comments:
it' kind of depressing.
i just now came up with it so i haven't really went through it

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