Without You

June 2, 2011
What would I do without you?
Without my shining star, guiding light?
I’d have no one to turn to, without you.
I would be lost on this winding path called life.

I know that you’ll be here,
Anytime I’m in need,
You’re like my rain in this desert storm,
You’re the one calming my chaotic seas.

When I’ve been afflicted,
You’re the bark of my tree.
Hard as a lonesome pine,
You protect me from me.

When I make a mistake,
You readily forgive me,
Erase it from my sandy beaches,
I let the waves cleanse me.

You know the origins of my past,
And yet, somehow still seem to love me,
You make my valleys look like mountains.
You make roses of my pathetic seeds.

I know you’ll come for me,
My cool breeze on a summer day,
Whenever I need you,
You’re there to take my pain away.

You’re like my eyes,
Helping me see life through a new light,
You’re the beautiful sunrise,
That fixes even the worst nights.

You gave me my road map to life,
Without your sunlight to brighten my days,
I would be lost if it weren’t for you,
And your rivers to lead the way.

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