Didn’t Believe It

June 11, 2011
I know that sometimes,
I can feel scared.
I know that sometimes,
There is no one there.
I can’t help but see
That you and I are meant to be
But it feels like its too late now.

It kind of teases me’
When I think of you.
Cuz I know we cannot ever be,
Ever be so true.
And I know its part my fault,
Cuz I didn’t try my best
I didn’t believe in what we had,
I thought it wasn’t there.

I thought it was make believe.


But now I realize,
That what we had was true.
It wasn’t make believe
Or a beautiful fantasy
It was real, it was true
And it was only me and you,

The way it should be right now.


The feelings that we had,
Are ones I’ve never felt before.
The times that we shared,
I hope to never melt away.
The days that we laughed,
Which was like everyday,
I wanna laugh some more the same way.


I wish to share those same times with you again and again,
But I don’t think that one wish will ever come true
Cuz it’s too late now.

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