I Want Out

May 31, 2011
Do you feel better
as the curtains close
could you ever
Just let it all go
your tied to deep
and hung out to high
the battle fields too steep
they left you hung out to dry

I wanna leave here
and never come back
is it too late
to get back on the tracks
Here I am
and there I go
with a change in the plans
I'm on my own

I want out

I thought I got away,
but I was wrong
what really happened
was the world moved on
I've been in trouble
since I put my bags down
it feels like another
answer not found

I asked you
what I should do
and you just said
to go on through
I feel as though
I'm losing it all
trying to get back
to where you are

I want it back

To starve free
Or to be feed in chains
The answer to this question
Still remains

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